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    Percepções e conhecimentos de moradores de Urutaí-GO sobre o Córrego Palmital

    Data de publicação: 31/07/2013
    Currently the water resources have been extensively degraded due to unsustainable human activities. Thus, many studies have investigated aspects of environmental perception of the population, to better planning and understanding of the vision of the population about the environment and its problems. This study aimed to analyze the perceptions and knowledge of residents in the municipality from Urutaí, GO about the Palmital stream, watercourse of great ecological and economic importance to the region, but nowadays has been the target of several degradative processes. Data collection was conducted through a structured questionnaire for objective questions and discursive, being interviewed a total of 420 people living in different areas of the urban zon of Urutaí. The results show the existence of perceptions and knowledge that recognition of the importance of the mixed Palmital stream (this being related almost exclusively to a utilitarian discourse) and absence of specific knowledge about its current environmental situation. In addition, there was a tenuous community participation in conservation and preservation of the appeal, though they demonstrated great interest in it, and only a portion of the population recognizes its responsibility to the Palmital stream. Thus, highlights the need to develop actions aimed at social and environmental awareness of people about its importance in the maintenance and preservation of natural resources and the construction of values and behavioral changes in favor of the region's water resources, especially Palmital stream.

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