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    GCET Lives

    Data de publicação: 24/05/2022

    One of the consequences of the social isolation caused by the COVID19 pandemic caused was that it discouraged many students from continuing with studies. This fact was identified by the members of the research group, and it is a situation faced by many people. In view of this scenario, GCET came up with the idea of creating a Lives project, to encourage learning during the pandemic. This study aims to encourage students and teachers, and society in general, to continue teaching, performing research and complementing studies during the period of social isolation, through the organization of weekly Lives – live videos transmitted on the Instagram platform. The first step in the project was to conduct bibliographic and documentary research, seeking the necessary background for the construction and elaboration of the themes to be addressed. Weekly meetings were held, via videoconferencing, to plan the Lives and facilitate communication and preparation of the advance planning to achieve the project objective. The email addresses and Whatsapp accounts of the research group were also used for correspondence, to answer questions, receive suggestions, and conduct surveys on the issues to be addressed during the Lives. Reports on the Lives were prepared and made available on the YouTube, Podcast and Instagram accounts of GCET. This support was essential for the success of the Lives, and for the satisfaction of the public. The project was carried according to the following steps: identification of the problem, theoretical input, weekly planning, survey, distribution of themes and technical support. The project aired a total of sixteen Lives in the period April 17 to July 9, analyzing the ability to meet specific needs and social inclusion. The Lives were held once a week addressing different themes, according to the theoretical findings and the demands of the target audience, resulting in the construction of knowledge and providing new skills to society, encouraging and motivating the practice of scientific knowledge. The experience of the GCET Lives project impacted not only the external participants but also its creators, as it became a motivational tool for scientific knowledge during social isolation. The project demonstrated that technology can be used for different purposes, enabling a new restructuring of scientific knowledge. 

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