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    Tourism and Impacts of COVID-19: : Perspectives of Tourists Visiting Conservation Units in Paraná (Brazil)

    Data de publicação: 06/11/2023

    The search for natural environments is a valued alternative post-lockdown caused by Covid-19. This trend increases interest in the role of Conservation Units - CUs and the perspective of (re) connecting with nature. Thus, this study aims to understand the effects of the pandemic from the perspective of tourists who visit CUs in the state of Paraná. The research has an exploratory nature, adopting a mixed approach with a web survey and documentary research design. The results show that CUs underwent modifications with the outbreak of the pandemic. The use of technologies played a crucial role in keeping tourists informed, allowing them to explore CUs digitally or make reservations. The closure of CUs at various points during the pandemic was a significant hindrance to visitations, along with the fear of leaving home. Concerns such as changes in occupation/work, income, and difficulties in other routine activities also limited travel. However, the respondents understand that at the end of their visitation to the CUs, they tend to recover their well-being. In conclusion, natural spaces are deemed important for the society's mental health, offering the possibility of (re) connecting individuals with nature, highlighting the significance of CUs for mental well-being.

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