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    Smart tourism destinations: : Analysis of profile and tourist demand experience in Curitiba-PR, Brazil

    Data de publicação: 06/11/2023

    By analyzing the tourist demand of destinations and understanding the changes occurring in the tourism sector for various reasons, it becomes possible to elucidate tourists' desires, evaluate their perception regarding the products and services offered, and identify the need for adaptation on the part of business owners and public managers. In this perspective, this study aims to address the following question: how can measurement indicators of tourist experience be used in a research instrument to contribute to the evaluation of tourist demand in the destination of Curitiba, Paraná - Brazil? To answer this, the objectives are as follows: to analyze the demand profile, travel information, and tourist experience in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. This research is exploratory and descriptive in nature, employing a quantitative approach. The results demonstrate that comprehending tourists' profiles and evaluating their experience at the destination is crucial for strategic planning within the tourism sector. This enables efforts to be directed toward the formulation of public policies. The study provided pertinent insights into the tourist demand experience in Curitiba, furnishing valuable input for the development of effective strategies within the tourism industry. This enhances the city's tourist offerings and ensures positive visitor experiences.

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