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    Gastronomy as a tool for rural tourism development - the case of the Casa Carnasciali Winery

    Data de publicação: 27/06/2023

    This paper focuses on the development of sustainable rural tourism, considering gastronomy as a tool. It examines the dynamics that occur between tourism and gastronomy, focusing on the valorization of gastronomic traditions and food regionality and highlighting them as motivating elements of tourism. Its specific objective is to analyze the relationship between gastronomy and rural tourism at the Casa Carnasciali Winery and Gardens, located in in Apucarana-Paraná, through the application of a case study. The exploratory-descriptive analysis was based on the concepts of rural tourism and sustainable development and on the relationships between tourism and gastronomy, therefore a case study was the chosen as the most suitable research method. A technical visit was made to the site, to observe the dynamics that occur between gastronomy and rural tourism, and semi-structured interviews were conducted with the owner and the chef responsible for the gastronomic offer of the enterprise. It was found that the offer of gastronomic services on the property helps bring financial sustainability to the business, with impacts on the dissemination of the food culture.

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