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    Feasibility of Community Based Tourism as Sustainable Development: : Experience in the venezuelan andean region

    Data de publicação: 01/04/2024

    The objective of the work was to promote a series of activities for sustainable tourism development, taking as support the physical-natural and cultural potential of the locality of San José de Tostós in the municipality of Boconó, Trujillo state, Venezuela. The methodological approach was based on the qualitative mode of participatory action research with field design. The results showed massive community participation in the actions of transformation, improvement and ornamentation of the most affected roads, creation of a community radio station, and elaboration of a tourist route with gastronomic flavors and job generation. Despite the achievements, there is still apathy to work as a team, and a lack of support from public policies to consolidate tourism enterprises to reduce the exodus. This is an alternative to empower the communities, promote their enterprises, and improve the processes of conservation of natural resources.

Foto: Pessoas em pé no topo da montanha. Fonte: Canva para Educação.

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