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    The adults’ perspectives on the children’s influence on travelling decisions

    Data de publicação: 01/04/2024

    This paper presents deliberations about a survey which aimed to know the adults’ perspective on the children’s influence regarding the decision to pursuit a holiday trip, the data was collected using online self-filling questionaries, advertised by the researchers on their own social media profiles. Since it is an exploratory survey, the statistical criteria were not taken into consideration and they were done as a step to approach parents travelling with their children, who will also, if they agree, be part of another step involving interviews. The parents have mentioned positive aspects experienced while travelling with children such as: getting a good treatment because they were with the kids, loyalty to the hotel which offer human resources and good quality activities for the little ones, and an available kitchen to prepare meals for the children; but they also point out some aspects that disturb the adults. This realization indicates that there are some hotels which have difficulties dealing with this public. To sum up, the survey allowed us to notice, from the adults’ point of view, the pleasure to travel with children, but also how their presence is still seen as an inconvenience to other guests.

Foto: Pessoas em pé no topo da montanha. Fonte: Canva para Educação.

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