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    The night sky as a heritage of humanity and Astrotourism as a tourist potential in the rural regions of Rosana/SP

    Data de publicação: 01/04/2024

    The present study aimed to present a review of the literature regarding the interconnection between the quality of the night sky and the growing interest in astrotourism. As a basis for data collection, studies of secondary documentary nature were used. It is observed that the subject grows in interest on the part of scholars considering the possibilities of application of the astrotourism activity, due to the distinctive elements of offer in the field of tourism, in addition to appearing as a playful element in the perception of tourists. The study is relevant considering the still small amount of studies in Brazil on the subject and the possibility of incorporating this type of service in the national tourist trade, in addition to being able to appear as a distinctive element of the offer in rural areas, like others countries.

Foto: Pessoas em pé no topo da montanha. Fonte: Canva para Educação.

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