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    Promoção da equidade de gênero por meio de ações extensionistas das Meninas Digitais no Cerrado em tempos de Pandemia

    Data de publicação: 29/04/2021
    The gender gap in the fields of science and technology is notorious. In Brazil, only 20% of information technology professionals are women, which highlights the necessity of activities to mitigate this instability and promote equity. With the pandemic, it was necessary for the project Meninas Digitais no Cerrado to readapt and plan new strategies to continue attracting girls and women to the area, thus changing mainly to exclusively non-presential actions, maintaining social distance. Thus, this work reports the female empowerment activities carried out in the Goias. The results of the virtual activities have shown to be of great impact, since the events are reaching participants from almost all Brazilian states, increasing the number of female participation in stimulation actions in favor of more women in computing and creating greater engagement among partner projects.

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