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    Proposição de Método para Detectar e Delinear Feições na Superfície de Marte

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    This research proposes a methodology capable of automatically
    and simultaneously detecting and delineating impact craters on the
    surface of Mars. The proposal is based on mathematical
    morphology fundamentals and digital image processing
    techniques. The methodology is composed of four sequential
    steps: (i) pre-processing and filtering to remove noise and enhance
    feature edges, (ii) watershed segmentation and use of contour
    dynamics strategies for crater detection and delineation, (iii) postprocessing
    and detection refinement, and, finally, (iv)
    performance evaluation. The dataset consisted of craters
    represented by high spatial resolution images of the surface of
    Mars, with 12.5 m/pixel resolution from the High Resolution
    Stereo Camera (HRSC) and 1 m/pixel resolution from the High
    Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE). The results
    point to overall true detection rates over 81% and false detection
    rates between 10% and 13%. Therefore, we concluded that the
    present approach contributes to solving a current problem in the
    context of impact crater detection and delineation on the surface
    of Mars.

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