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    Remote Teaching of Scrum in Practice: an analysis of participants' perception

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The use of agile methods in companies is becoming more common,
    such as the Scrum method. So, students reported the need to acquire
    practical knowledge of agile methods. Due to the COVID-19
    pandemic, remote teaching has become the most practical and
    efficient way of imparting knowledge through courses and
    workshops. Based on the needs of the project's target audience, this
    study presents a proposal for teaching a practical approach using
    the Scrum method to college students. This paper presents the
    methodology used, describing the students' perceptions of the
    strategies, didactics, and the resources used. Also, we describe the
    real examples of hands-on activities and Kahoot, and the results of
    a questionnaire applied to collect feedback. The data obtained were
    analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. According to the results
    the satisfaction level with the course was high, given the
    contribution of students to the practice of Scrum roles. Regarding
    the methodology, 100% of the students considered it easy and 85%
    were satisfied with the course, in general. In addition, most of the
    participants stated that they enjoyed the hands-on activities and felt
    quite competent after completing them. Moreover, students state
    that they enjoyed the course due to (a) the teaching methodology,
    (b) the use of real examples, and (c) the content approach. Thus, the
    relevance of good results obtained leads us to discussions about
    future actions.

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