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    Remote Teaching of Requirements Elicitation Techniques in a Pandemic Scenario: A Practical Approach

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The market is increasingly diversified and offers opportunities for
    professionals in the technological field. This study presents the
    implementation of a course offered as part of the project
    LearningLab, based on the elicitation of requirements for college
    students at Federal University of Ceará from Russas Campus using
    real examples from software development companies. The
    development of the course took place in two main phases: during
    the implementation of distance learning and later during the
    implementation of the practical exercise. The Grounded Theory
    method was used to analyze the qualitative data using the Atlas.ti
    tool, and the quantitative data was also analyzed using the Intrinsic
    Motivation Inventory method - IMI. 100% of the students defined
    the methodology as easy to understand, indicating a great level of
    satisfaction, leading the students to participate in a new course
    offered by the college. The analysis of the data set allowed us to
    discuss new actions and effects obtained with the implementation
    of the experiment.

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