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    Análise Comparativa de Plataformas de Mídias Sociais Turísticas: um Estudo de Caso de Booking e TripAdvisor para o Município de Santarém, Pará

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The tourism industry is one of the most prominent sectors in analyzing
    user-generated content, considering the amount of data on
    social media platforms dedicated to this subject. The analysis of
    this data can provide insights to better understand customer opinions
    about companies’ products and services, supporting decisionmaking
    processes. This work presents a study on the Booking and
    TripAdvisor platforms. To this end, a comparative analysis of usergenerated
    content on tourism social media was conducted, focusing
    on hotel data from Santarém, Pará, Brazil, an important tourist
    city in the Amazon region. The collected data went through the
    pre-processing stage for adaptation and cleaning, where exploratory
    analysis, gender analysis, and topic modeling and sentiment
    analysis techniques were applied. The results show no significant
    difference in the genres that most comment on TripAdvisor and
    that both platforms have similar topics. The insights obtained can
    guide the public sector towards better governance and improving
    business processes.

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