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    A Hybrid Evaluation of Emotional Responses to Interactive Systems

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    With the use of sensors to monitor the physical processes that correlate
    to particular behaviors and sensations, technological advancements
    and resources supplied by neuroscience began to provide the
    capacity to interact with the study of the brain directly. This allows
    us to experiment with as many sensory channels as feasible while
    still applying computational solutions. Brain-Computer Interfaces
    (BCI) can infer information about a user’s state and intentions by
    observing his/her physiology, behavior in the work environment,
    and authority relationship. Using this data, it is possible to determine
    the efficacy of the computer tools used to respond to the
    emotions evoked by the user when interacting with the solution
    and adjust the tool’s goals. In this work, to analyze these interactions,
    we adopted a hybrid approach using user responses via the
    digital SAM questionnaire and data collected using electrocardiogram
    and electroencephalogram sensors to check for any changes
    in the participants’ mood during their interaction with an End-User
    Development interface for authoring of serious games. The results
    of this round of evaluation were positive, demonstrating not only
    the good use of the tools but also motivating us to continue developing
    improvements and conducting new tests on the prototype
    created to collect the physiological data.

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