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    Diversidade de Gênero em Projetos Open Source no GitHub: um Estudo sobre a Relevância Temática dos Comentários das Issues

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    This work presents a comparative study of gender diversity on
    GitHub issue tracking based on metrics such as thematic relevance
    of comments, developer reputation, plataform participation time
    and number of reported issues. Data were extracted and mined from
    5 open source and 5 dedicated to women communities. The results
    show that, on average, the relevance of comments made by women
    is similar to those made by men. In connection with previous work
    from literature, the study also shows under-representation and
    low participation of women in software projects, with only 22% of
    comments posted by women and 16% of issues reported by them.
    Finally, the data showed a discrepancy between women and men
    platform participation time, being 2 to 9 years to the former, and
    4 to 10 years or more to the latter, with a direct impact on the
    women’s reputation.

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