• Resumo

    Identificando as Dificuldades Existentes na Comunidade Feminina da Área de E-Sports

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    ESports is a term related to videogame competitions organized
    among professional players. The objective of this article is to
    identify, based on reports by female eSports players, the main
    difficulties faced by women who aim to pursue a professional
    career in electronic gaming competitions. The methodology of this
    study was conducted through a systematic literature review of
    previously published articles that contained interviews and reports
    of professional eSports female players. Thus, a scenario dominated
    by men and marked by harassment and sexism was identified,
    leading to cases of harassment, gender stereotype and inequality,
    making female players who are interested in pursuing a
    professional career in eSports threatened and hesitant to invest in
    the electronic games industry.

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