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    Sobre o Impacto da Atuação na Extensão Universitária na Formação de Estudantes

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    University extension is the educational, cultural and scientific process
    that articulates the functions of teaching and research and
    enables the transforming relationship between the University and
    Society. However, there are gains to the University that may not
    be perceived trivially. The present work seeks to delve into what
    these returns to the University are, taking into consideration the
    guideline that proposes the Impact on Student Education. That said,
    this paper aims to map the social and emotional skills worked on in
    the TIChers project, a university extension project of the Academic
    Department of Informatics (DAINF) of the Federal Technological
    University of Paraná (UTFPR) Curitiba campus, a partner of the Digital
    Girls program of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). To this
    end, a survey was carried out with the people participating in the
    project, also seeking to understand how they classify the sense of
    belonging and what is their engagement with the course/university
    after joining the project. Finally, to try to understand the results
    of University Extension in a broader context, the results of this
    research will be related to papers that discuss socioemotional skills
    in the context of University Extension.

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