• Resumo

    Integração de Dados de Publicações Científicas usando uma Abordagem baseada em Ontologias

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Data integration has gained increasing importance with the growing
    volume of available data (so-called Big Data). It allows to put
    data from different sources together in an aligned way, so meaningful
    information can be extracted. Scientific publications are available
    in several data sources along the Internet. Integrating data from
    these distributed sources faces a challenge, mainly if we consider
    the heterogeneous aspects inherent to the structure/schema and
    the semantics of data. This paper presents a semantic integration
    initiative for integrating data from three distinct scientific publication
    sources into a shared repository. The integration process
    is conducted by a systematic approach that creates and applies a
    well-founded domain ontology to address the semantic aspects and
    to map concepts, relations, and data between the different data
    sources. As a final result, a web tool was built over the integrated
    repository to support some final user queries.

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