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    Developing an automatic classifier of different plant genera of the subspecies Acer Palmatum

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Plant species identification is a task of interdisciplinary interest,
    desirable in many contexts, such as gardening, botanical research,
    and agriculture. For some plant species such as the Acer Palmatum,
    the characteristics of leaves, petioles, and trunks can drastically
    vary among the different genera of the same subspecies. Computer
    Vision and Machine Learning research areas made possible the
    creation of different classifiers trained to assist in species plant
    recognition based on digital images. However, the success of the
    training of a classification model is directly linked to the quality
    and adequacy of the dataset used. For the classification of Acer
    Palmatum plants, datasets composed of samples regarding the different
    varieties within this genus were not identified. Thus, in this
    paper, we proposed the creation of a new dataset and of a classifier
    to support the identification of distinct plant genera of the subspecies
    Acer Palmatum. We believe that our proposal aggregates
    relevant information not currently available, and will encourage
    further work aimed at automatically classifying between genera of
    some plant species which task is considered non-trivial even for
    experienced growers.

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