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    Segmentation and Classification of Criollo Horses using Deep Learning

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The Criollo horse, one of the leading horse breeds in the south of
    Brazil, has been moving the market with the demand for sports
    horses. The rise of the breed in recent years was motivated by the
    Brazilian Association of Criollo Horse Breeders (ABCCC), with
    the mission of preserving and spreading the breed in the country
    in conjunction with competitions such as the Freio de Ouro. The
    demand for breed optimization follows the animal’s morphological
    balance, determined by its entire bone and muscle structure
    characteristics that directly impact its health and performance
    as an athlete horse. Computer vision has been solving several
    current problems with the deep training of convolutional neural
    networks. Within this context, this work proposed to evaluate the
    average precision of the Mask R-CNN model for the detection and
    segmentation of Criollo horses through training this neural network
    model with images collected from Google’s search engine. The best
    results achieved up to 99.4% average precision for detecting horses
    in the images and 89.1% accuracy for the segmentation task.

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