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    ePAGe: Sistematização do Plano de Atenção Gerontológica (PAGe)

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The Gerontological Care Plan, originally “Plano de Atenção Gerontológica
    (PAGe, in Portuguese)”, is an instrument used to assist
    Gerontology professionals in the multidimensional assessment of
    the elderly. Since its creation, the instrument has undergone a series
    of changes and in this study, we adopted the most current
    version, which has 104 questions. Taking into account the number
    of questions present in the instrument, it is possible to infer that
    the manual application of the PAGe on paper demands time and
    attention from the professional. This paper presents a systematized
    version of the PAGe, whose main objective is to optimize the process
    of application and analysis of the instrument. The design and
    evaluation of the systematized version took place in partnership
    with Gerontology professionals, those who created the PAGe or
    who frequently apply it. The results point to a positive evaluation
    by the specialists, especially concerning the application time and
    the practicality of generating, visualizing, and analyzing the results.

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