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    Gestão Eletrônica de Processos de Estágios Curriculares, Orientações Acadêmicas e Atividades Complementares em Cursos de Graduação

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Information has become a valuable asset nowadays, being extremely
    important for decision-making. In this way, management systems
    are gaining great attention in several institutions, ensuring the
    centralization of data and the transformation of these into information
    that helps managers, such as management reports and charts.
    In addition, such systems assist in conducting the most diverse
    processes in a more effective manner and reduce the incidence of
    errors by the users. Undergraduate courses cover various didacticpedagogical
    activities in addition to those taken in the classroom,
    such as complementary activities, curricular internships, and undergraduate
    thesis. The management of such activities is extremely
    important for the teachers involved, for the course manager, and
    also for academics, requiring the use of tools to conduct such processes.
    The present work presents an integrated management system,
    which allows the monitoring of these activities in an easier way,
    through the implementation and validation of business rules, in
    addition to allowing the consolidation of information in the form
    of different management reports and reducing costs when generating
    documents. The proposed system was made available in an
    undergraduate course, being evaluated by academics and obtaining
    satisfactory results regarding its use.

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