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    O Emprego de Elementos Locais em Material Didático Lúdico para Ensino de Análise Orientada a Objetos

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The teaching project Didactic Comic Book for Object-Oriented
    Analysis was born from the local needs observed by the teachers
    who teach the disciplines related to the content of Object-Oriented
    Programming and Fundamentals of Systems Analysis. The objective
    was to develop a ludic didactic material in the form of an book
    containing comics and activities to attract the students’ attention.
    The project was developed in a collaborative way among all participants,
    following the activities of bibliographical research, script
    creation and digital design, a playful teaching material with accessible
    language and local scenario was created. As a result, the
    first volume of the Didactic Comic Book on Object Orientation was
    completed and made available free of charge to the community
    through a digital book.

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