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    Exploring Design Thinking as a Software Accessibility Awareness Raising Methodology in Computing Courses

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Despite many advances in the area of software accessibility, there
    are still many problems to be overcome that prevent a greater
    availability of accessible software. One of these problems is that
    accessibility is usually not included in the curriculum of computing
    courses. This educational gap causes software development professionals
    to leave college or university without understanding how
    the software they develop can be adapted to guarantee its use by
    people with different needs and how to implement these adaptations.
    This work proposes and evaluates an accessibility teaching
    methodology based on Design Thinking with the main objective
    of increasing accessibility awareness among students. The results
    indicate that the proposed methodology was effective and managed
    to significantly increase students’ accessibility awareness, making
    them more sensitive and empathetic about the topic. The results
    also showed that the students approved of the methodology and
    considered it interesting and engaging.

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