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    Uma Metodologia para apoiar o Design de Soluções de Software considerando as Experiências de seus Usuários

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    User experience is an important factor when building a software.
    This experience aims to meet the needs of its users, allowing a good
    interaction with the product. Software solutions with good user
    experiences can improve the motivation to access the system when
    the user is the centerpiece in the design of the software product
    to be developed. Therefore, the importance of knowing the user
    in the process of developing a product or service is necessary because
    there are gaps in this understanding, which may be related
    to lack of knowledge of users expectations, requirements poorly
    defined and failures in communication between those involved in
    this process. The objective of this research is to propose a methodology
    to support software designers to obtain a better knowledge
    about the user, their needs and experiences before modeling them
    in software functionalities as support in the systems development
    process. The methodology developed was applied in the context
    of the covid-19 pandemic with the aim of obtaining a better understanding
    of the needs of the Russas citizens during the social
    isolation that took place in 2020. This methodology is based on
    the activities of the Design Thinking (DT) process that provides
    a mechanism for understanding potential customers, producing
    quick and simple prototypes that converge to innovative solutions.
    The results of applying the methodology are the characterization
    of the users (three personas were specified), the description of the
    interaction scenarios (three storyboards) and the specification of
    the main functionalities of a software solution more appropriate for
    the needs of the city Russas community in the analyzed pandemic

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