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    An investigation of challenges in the machine learning lifecycle and the importance of MLOps: A survey

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Quite recently, considerable attention has been paid to developing
    artificial intelligence and data science areas. This has been driven
    by scientific advances and the growing number of software and
    services that are popularizing machine learning techniques and
    algorithms and driving people with less knowledge in areas such
    as statistics and mathematics to create their predictive models. As
    a result, the machine learning field is no longer only scientific
    and has aroused the interest of companies from different domains.
    These events led to the emergence of multiple tools such as Scikit-
    Learn, Tensorflow, Keras, Pycaret, and a vast number of cloud-based
    machine learning services that provide an acceleration in the development
    of predictive models at speeds never seen. However, many
    challenges remain in operationalizing and maintaining machine
    learning-centered products, making many business initiatives frustrated.
    In this scenario, practical experience shows that machine
    learning is only a slice of a more extensive set of practices and
    technologies necessary to build solutions in this area. In this paper,
    the main goal is to identify the challenges currently faced by data
    scientists in developing Machine Learning-centric products and
    how Machine Learning Operations can support overcoming them.
    For this purpose, a survey was conducted that collected answers
    from 66 Brazilian professionals in data science. From the challenges
    identified, the importance of Machine Learning Operations practices
    as an integrated part of the Machine Learning lifecycle was
    explored. Finally, this work contributes to filling the gap in Machine
    Learning Operations in daily activities involving data science and
    advancing this research field in Brazil.

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