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    Ubuntu Space Game: Uma Análise do Potencial Educacional para Auxiliar o Enfrentamento do Racismo

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    A present demand in children's education is for educational
    resources that help in the fight against racism. In this sense, the
    Ubuntu Space platform was proposed, covering a set of
    educational objects, aimed at children from 10 years old.
    Among these objects, there is a game whose purpose is to lead
    users to identify racist terms and eliminate them from our
    vocabulary. Seeking to analyze the potential of this game in
    anti-racist education, a Case Study was carried out by eight
    pedagogues, reported in the present work. The results point to
    the potential of the game both as a support for an anti-racist
    education and in the enrichment of learning experiences on this

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