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    CardIoT - Eletrocardiógrafo Interoperável Baseado em Internet das Coisas

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    This paper presents the development of CardIoT - a portable electrocardiograph
    for performing ECG exams with up to 12 leads based
    on Internet-of-things. CardIoT has a touch-based graphical interface
    for configuration and real-time visualization of ECG signals.
    This work stands out from related works concerning the connectivity
    with any FHIR server, i.e., no dedicated servers are required to
    support CardIoT because CardIoT’s records are compatible with the
    FHIR standard to enable interoperability. In case of loss of internet
    connection, the device has a memory card slot to back up exam data.
    An experiment simulating a real ECG exam showed the functionality
    of an ECG signal acquisition board and embedded firmware
    developed for the Microcontroller in the development platform. A
    second experiment proves interoperability as the exclusive feature
    of this work by showing CardIoT can communicate and send ECG
    samples to a third-party FHIR server.

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