• Resumo

    Gerenciamento de Dívida Técnica no Desenvolvimento Ágil: resultados preliminares de um survey

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Agile methods provide gains in software development, however,
    they become vulnerable to the presence of Technical
    Debt (TD). Thus, this study has the general objective of understanding
    how TD management is currently being carried
    out in practice in agile projects. As a research method, a
    survey is being applied in different organizations in the area
    of technology. Among the preliminary results, the causes
    that are associated with the emergence of a technical debt
    and which tools are currently used to automate management
    activities were identified. At the end, it is expected to build
    a briefing with this evidence and share it widely among professionals
    and companies that work in the research region.

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