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    RVSH - Um processador RISC-V para fins didáticos

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Embedded systems constitute the class of computers that present
    the most significant volume and are increasingly present in
    everyday life. The main element of these systems is the processor,
    which can be found in discrete form, represented by a physical
    component, or cores, as used in programmable logic devices.
    Processors of the same architecture share the same instruction
    set but may differ in the organization’s implementation. RISC
    (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) is the class of architectures
    that favors a simple, reduced instruction set. RISC-V is an example
    of such architecture, which consists of an initiative by academia
    and industry to be open and free, aiming for easy and optimized
    implementations. However, due to the recent disclosure of its
    features and specifications, RISC-V needs more reference material
    for digital and embedded system designs. This work proposes
    the RVSH, a simple RISC-V processor for teaching and research
    activities. The implementation aims to allow the adoption of this
    architecture in topics such as digital systems, computer architecture,
    microcontrollers, and embedded systems design.

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