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    Chatbot Baseado em Linguagem Natural Escrita Aplicado ao Contexto do Processo Transexualizador

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    In contemporary times, it is common for people to access
    various medical procedures, out of necessity or of their own
    volition. In this context, there are transgender people. The
    search for self-esteem and body changes makes them resort to
    aesthetic and/or surgical procedures, often without being
    aware of the consequences, benefits, care, and steps involved in
    the process, and because it is such a unique moment in the
    individual's life, he may feel embarrassed to solve his doubts
    with the health professionals, or even asking, there may be a
    communication difficulty between the professional and the
    patient. Given these circumstances, the individual sometimes
    seeks information on websites and blogs, which may not
    provide appropriate information. Therefore, this work
    proposes developing a chatbot to help those interested in
    understanding the transsexualization process, quickly, easily,
    and centrally.

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