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    Um Estudo sobre Tecnologias para o Desenvolvimento de Soluc¸ ˜oes para o Aux´ılio a Idosos e Pessoas com Deficiˆencia e Doenc¸as Crˆonicas

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023


    Certain diseases or even the advancement of age
    can cause problems such as social isolation and a sedentary
    lifestyle, and technology can aid in increasing the quality
    of life for people with difficulties or disabilities from health
    or age-correlated problems. The growth in the use of voice
    assistants has enabled the development of new applications
    and services based on Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This
    work evaluates the methods and technologies available for
    integrating IoT devices with Amazon Alexa and presents an
    experiment integrating a smart sensor with Alexa that allows
    the user to obtain the temperature and humidity of a remote
    environment through a voice command. This architecture will
    be the basis for the development of future applications of
    assistive technologies.

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