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    A distributed processing and cloud based tool to deal with satellite image processing for shoreline analysis

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The analysis of shorelines is an important activity that can support
    specialist from several areas in decision making based on statistical
    analysis about evaluation of water segments over shorelines and the
    forecasting of its progress. However, to perform such analysis
    based on digital images it is necessary a huge data processing.
    Currently an extensive data set of images are available, that can be
    used as a source for shoreline analysis and can be processed by
    computers through image processing algorithms. In this context,
    this paper presents a technical perspective of a tool for performing
    shoreline analysis based on satellites images named Coastal
    Analyst System from Space Imagery Engine (CASSIE). This tool
    works as an orchestrator of cloud-based APIs. This paper presents
    the overall architecture of this tool as well as its main use cases.
    The evaluation of this tool is discussed based on its usage by
    specialists and the provided feedback.

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