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    O Jogo Sério 'COVID-19 - Você sabia?' Descrição dos acessos ao jogo após 30 meses de implementação

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Introduction: From the scenario imposed by the COVID-19
    pandemic in 2020, it was necessary to have access to
    information as a mode of transmission and prevention of the
    spread of the new coronavirus, considered critical health
    measures. Serious games have advantages in disseminating
    reliable information during a pandemic, as they can offer
    qualified content while providing user interactivity and wide
    reach over the internet. Objective: This study aims to present
    and analyze the results of using the serious game. Methods:
    Development was based on Progressive Web App with Ionic
    Framework. Open data reports of how users interact with
    serious play were taken from the Google Analytics API.
    Results: The game was made available for free in April
    2020. The visual identity was developed considering a
    selection of colors, typography, sounds and images suitable
    for the young audience. During 5 semesters of use, there
    were more than 32 thousand accesses, the majority (98%)
    coming from Brazil. Conclusion: The health education
    content gamification strategy on the topic of COVID-19
    achieved the proposed objectives.

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