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    VolleyScript: Aprendizagem ativa e interdisciplinaridade no desenvolvimento de um jogo digital

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    In technical courses in informatics there is a need to
    develop students' basic skills. The project-based approach
    and gamification make this development possible, it allows
    the development of the solution based on the perspective of
    a game designer, natural for digital natives. Aiming to
    achieve interdisciplinarity between technical and
    propaedeutic disciplines, these methodological approaches
    were used to develop a digital volleyball game. The game
    was developed using the object-oriented programming
    paradigm, for the interactive and creative interface design,
    the 80's indie style pixel-arts was used. The validation of the
    game's functionality was carried out through tests, these
    tests were made by volunteer students and adjustments
    according to their feedback. Thus, the application of active
    learning methodologies contributed to the success of the
    interdisciplinary, achieved with the development of the
    digital game by the students.

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