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    INGRESSI: uma aplicação intermediadora entre estudantes do ensino fundamental II e ingressantes dos cursos técnicos

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    When entering an educational institution, the student lacks
    knowledge and information about that. Misinformation requires the
    student to have a direct dialogue with students, alumni, and faculty.
    This paper presents the development of the INGRESSI mobile
    application. The project aims to facilitate the entry of students into
    an educational institution through games and activities to complete
    objectives. The methodology and the results were strengthened
    from applied research with 26 students of a technical course in
    computer science for the internet. The development was carried out
    using JavaScript language, React Native framework and NoSQL
    MongoDB database. The mobile application is intended for
    elementary school II students and students entering technical
    education. As a result, the application presents information about
    the institution, courses, and news and is expected to expand its

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