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    The influence of time pressure on the intention to visit the destinations of Aracaju/SE and Salvador/BA

    Data de publicação: 25/04/2023

    The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of time pressure on tourists or visitors interested in visiting the destinations of Aracaju/Sergipe (SE) and Salvador/Bahia (BA), when accessing information about tourist attractions. To achieve the proposed objective, a quantitative study was carried out using the experimental method, considering two situations. In Situation 1, the participants were asked to use TripAdvisor for five minutes, to look for information about attractions. In Situation 2, they were asked to access a specially developed and customized application, without any  time limit. To carry out the experiment, a scale of “intention to visit the destination” was elaborated and validated, considering the motivational variables of the model proposed by Swarbrooke & Horner (2016) and Schwartz’s (1994) theory of basic values. Two hundred fifteen interviews were conducted in the city of Aracaju and two hundred forty in the city of Salvador,  considering a non-probabilistic sample. It was observed that for the participants in Aracaju, tourist attractions related to the Value Hedonism were influenced by time pressure. For the participants in Salvador, the variables that stood out were the Values Tradition and Security.

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