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    Senso de pertencimento das mulheres em projetos de software

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    Background: Gender diversity is an important feature for software
    development. Studies show that teams with more diversity are more
    productive, too. Objective: This study is a systematic review that
    analyzes women’s motivations to contribute to software development,
    focusing on a sense of belonging. Method: A protocol was
    established and the works retrieved by the applied search string.
    It was analyzed according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria.
    Results: The results showed that the main factors that motivate
    women to contribute to software projects are Kinship, Career and
    Learning. However, the sense of belonging, related to the term
    Kinship, was more important in the analysis of groups composed
    only of women, compared to heterogeneous groups. Conclusions:
    Thus, it was found that there are differences in motivations between
    genders, and the sense of belonging is more relevant for
    women than for men. Therefore, to increase diversity in software
    projects, an important factor to be improved is the belonging of the

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