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    Development of an unplugged game as a learning object for teaching the history of athletics in the olympic games

    Data de publicação: 03/05/2023

    The present work aimed to insert strategic tools with the use of
    board games in order to assist and facilitate learning about the
    history of Olympic games, highlighting the importance of working
    the Olympic context in the disciplines of Physical Education
    and History. Even with the advance of technology, teachers still
    find it difficult to teach their students in the classroom, because
    distractions and lack of interest are commonplace in the school
    environment. Thus, a systematic review of the literature was conducted
    from journals and academic articles, aiming at a deeper
    study on the theme addressed. With this, OlympiaQuiz was created,
    a board game focused on teaching the Olympic Games, exploring
    the social and historical context of the time, to encourage learning
    through games.

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