• Abstract

    A game proposal to develop Computational Thinking and environmental awareness

    Published date: 01/06/2020
    INTRODUCTION: Discussions around the development of Computational Thinking have demanded efforts to propose methods, techniques and tools that can assist in this process, especially in the school context. This paper deals with the development of an educational game with the theme "Environment and Sustainability" involving the pillars of Computational Thinking. OBJECTIVE: The game aims to assist the development of Computational Thinking by solving the problems to be solved in the missions of the heroine Sofia. The proposal for creating the game points out ways to create tools that work across curriculum themes. Tactics usually incorporated into the algorithmic language that permeate the problem solving processes in Computer Science be used. METHOD: The creation of the game followed a development process based on agile methodologies. The human cognitive structure was considered together with the intertwining between the games and the four pillars of Computational Thinking for the composition of an architecture applied to the game map. RESULTS: The evaluation of the game map regarding the "algorithmization" of the phases fulfilled the requirements regarding the location of the pillars (Decomposition, Pattern, Abstraction and Algorithm). The game, as an entertainment product, was evaluated using the E-Game Flow which pointed to acceptance by the evaluators (undergraduate students in the Computing area) and some suggestions for improvement were recorded. CONCLUSION: Games are presented as an important tool regarding the development process of Computational Thinking considering the engagement they can cause in their users and the possibilities of using their mechanics for directed learning.

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