Focus and Scope

The journal seeks original work related to the theme of Computational Thinking, and accepts research articles, reports of practical experiences, and theoretical reflections about the nature and scope of computational thinking.

Topics of Interest include but are not restricted to:

  • Experiences with computational thinking in schools
  • Evaluation of computational thinking
  • Technological artifacts to support the development of computational thinking
  • Reflections and discussions about the nature and scope of computational thinking
  • Policies for disseminating computational thinking
  • Teacher education for Computing at schools
  • Studies and syllabus proposals for Computing at schools
  • Learning computer programming at the basic educational level
  • Interpreters and compilers with educational aims
  • Intelligent environments for teaching computer programming
  • Automatic evaluation of programs with educational aims
  • Psychology of programming
  • Educational robotics
  • Learning of algorithms and computer programming
  • Games and ludic approaches for computational thinking

Peer Review Process

The submission and evaluation process is comprised of the following phases:

1 – Preliminary evaluation by the editors to assess the adequacy of the work to the journal's scope;

2 - Blind review by, at least, two members of the Editorial Board of the journal or invited reviewers. The evaluation will seek scientific rigor and editorial adequacy. When distributing the manuscripts to the reviewers, conflict of interest will be avoided, as well as other situations that might affect a competent and fair analysis.

3- According to the decision of the editor, the authors may be asked to improve content and form of the manuscript;

4- If approved, the manuscript will go through a language revision before publication. 

Publication Frequency

Two numbers are published per year

Open Access Policy

This journal offers free immediate access to its contents, according to the principle that publicly sharing scientific knowledge at no cost promotes worldwide democratization of knowledge.


Sources of Support


Journal on Computational Thinking (JCThink)

JCThink seeks to provide a wide dissemination of scientific works about Computational Thinking. It adopts a multi-language policy allowing the publication of articles in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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